100 Miles From Nowhere

mensfitness.com, April 2, 2015

Q&A: The Men of Animal Planet’s 100 Miles From Nowhere

Animal Planet’s newest series, 100 Miles From Nowhere, doesn’t involve animals, though that depends on your definition of animal because we’d argue that the stars of the show are exactly that—in the best way, of course.

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runnersworld.com, April 3, 2015

An Ultramarathon Reality Show: ‘100 Miles From Nowhere’

Best friends Matt Galland, Danny Bryson, and Blake Josephson ran through Arizona’s vast desert in the dead of winter. It required them to race through frozen slot canyons, iced over sand dunes, and frigid waters that would threaten their very existence during the 130-mile trek.

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outsideonline.com, April 3, 2015

Average Joes Run for Their Lives in ‘100 Miles from Nowhere’

Star Matt Galland talks about surprise encounters with giant snakes in Mexico, watching his friend nearly drown during filming, and what else we can expect from his new reality show.

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Battleground: Rhino Wars

Canada.com, September 12, 2013

Controversial Rhino Wars makes Canadian debut

In a time of civil strife — and worse — in places like Afghanistan, Libya, South Sudan and Syria, the title Battleground: Rhino Wars might like so much hyperbole. Bogus, even. Think again.

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TV Guide, March 14, 2013

VIDEO: U.S. Special Ops Fight to Save an Endangered Species on Battleground: Rhino Wars

Animal Planet is trying to help save an endangered species with the three-part special, Battleground: Rhino Wars.

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ET Television, March 6, 2013

Animal Planet’s ‘Rhino Wars’ Turns Dangerous

Animal Planet is giving viewers an unprecedented look at what it takes to protect the nearly extinct rhinoceroses in the world renowned Greater Kruger area of South Africa in Battleground: Rhino Wars, and in this exclusive clip, four U.S. Special Forces veterans show you just how intense — and dangerous — things can get in their constant battle with rhino poachers.

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Fox and Friends, March 7, 2013

Today Show, March 7, 2013

One Man Army

The Hollywood Reporter, July 8, 2011

One Man Army: TV Review

A reborn fascination with Navy SEALs and Special Forces powers Discovery’s latest competition-reality show.

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Sarah Palin's Alaska

The New York Times, November 15, 2010

Big Ratings for Sarah Palin Premiere

Sarah Palin’s family-reality-show-slash-travelogue, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” began on Sunday night before almost five million viewers on TLC. TLC said it was the biggest premiere in the channel’s history.

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Expedition Africa: Stanley & Livingstone

RealScreen, July 1, 2009

“Doctor Livingstone, I presume?”

On a number of levels, the new series Expedition: Africa is quite the endeavor. First, it manages to both catapult back in time to 1871, when newspaper reporter Henry Morton Stanley went on his famous quest to find British explorer Dr. David Livingstone, and then brings that mission to the present day, complete with a slew of TV cameras… and Mark Burnett.

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